By: Zama Khumalo


Brenden Praise SM

Easy to love – Brenden Praise (Ledwaba)

When you first heard him, there was a sense, that this young lad definitely had that “X Factor” about him. From the way his fingertips glided on the piano, each key was in sync with his angelic voice. His body movements, made you want to mimic his reactions. You could even see, the way he resonated with the song, that he felt it within the depths of his soul. Although, he came across as a bit of a shy person but his persona shone through in his performances. He has always emphasized that, “Music has been a part of me, ever since I could talk!”. Brenden has transformed from the young timid lad, that we loved watching and voted for, on the South African reality show, “Idols”, into a personified RnB Soul man. Coming with his new song “Easy to love”, he has evidently shown his progression, to refining his own sound.

With every note, lyric and emphasis on love, he has shown, that he has taken the time to understand, the true nature of the meaning. What is truly unique and outright fascinating about this song, is the genre it is played in, “RnB Soul”. A genre, that is hard to break in the South African market, however, Brenden has gotten into it with such ease and will hopefully be a permanent resident, as he has an “ear to hear the sounds of music and his heart to feel the rhythm”.


Fans will be more than delighted at his latest offering, being a newlywed, fans will be able to resonate with his song, on a profound understanding. The soothing sound from the piano, plays along nicely with lyrics, which also have an African flair. He adds Xitsonga, where it is stated ”Oh, Niku rhandzile (Rhandzile)”, loosely translated means “You are loved”. It still runs blends smoothly with the song. This is truly a South African RnB soulful song, which will definitely get you in the mood to be in love again and express your affections, to your partner. One cannot wait to hear more from Brenden, as he seems to know the path he is embarking on and definitely wants to take you along, on his journey.

Rating: 8/10

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