By:  Tasneem Amos

Educating one’s self is a wonderful sentiment, for knowledge is power.

We get motivated by articles and leaders who encourage us to further educate ourselves. We get hypnotizedby envisioning ourselves as graduates, especially if we never had the opportunity and then whoop-ti-doo, we get registering and the excitement builds. We feel worthy! We’re feel invincible like we can take over the world one assignment at a time.

What nobody explains to us though, is how dedicated you have to be and how your time management skills needs to be on 100. They don’t explain the mental talks we have to have with self to push on and how to cope with the 101 assignments and studying all after a long day at work and sometimes after seeing to partners and kids.

Being a full-time working student myself, I have compiled 5 dos and don’ts that I have personally tried and tested.

  1. Plan your studies. When you get your study material, use sticky notes to mark off the due dates. Plot your assignment and exam dates on a calendar, as much as digital is the way to go, the old school stick-it-up-on-your-room wall works better as it serves as a constant reminder.Don’t over-commit – include unplanned situations, time for family events and/or sick days.
  2. Be consistent, as tired as you may be, push yourself to work on your studies daily, even if it’s a mere hour and then maximize your time on the weekends. PS:It takes a 21 days to form a habit.
  3. Make your studies exciting, why chill at home and do assignments or study? Go to your favorite gardens or coffee spot and soak up the great energy and apply it to your assignments. Not only do you look like a “wo/man with a plan’ but you get to kill two birds with one stone; an outing and time to your studies. You can even decorate study space.
  4. Don’t underestimate your assignments. You assignments make for a portion of your yearly mark and so every mark counts. Ace that and you know you’re off to great start.If they don’t add to your yearly mark, they serve as great prep for studying. Also, don’t underestimate how long assignments will take. Read your tutorial letters and plan accordingly.
  5. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE – the old me would lie to myself and say: I work best under pressure…pressure availed itself and I almost died. Chances are, it will happen to you too. I am guilty of submitting assignments at 23:11 on the day that they’re do. Problem with that is, you get so drained working on them that you don’t apply yourself completely and the results show for themselves. The assignments that I did well for in my last semester awarded me distinctions.

Hopefully these tips will encourage you to put that S on your chest and combat your study goals. Let’s go!


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