A YA YA LIFE is a YES YES LIFE , so best you know this life is about that – YES to good things , YES to things that make you happy . YES to always living a positive, healthy life with healthy relationships.

The question then comes what is GOOD things – as we are all created uniquely and it is impossible that all of us love the same things and or even hate the same things. Can you imagine if we were to all love the same things – WHO WOULD BE THE MEASURER OF WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT IS BAD? Especially taking into consideration that we are all human, all needing A YA YA life with each breath we take which hey is the main thing we all need.

Religion is one way for people to measure what is GOOD and BAD – since we are living in an evolving world where there are new discoveries each day, new beginnings everyday – Religion has proven to divide more than unite.

The LAW is also another way to measure what is good and what is bad – for which this ca sometimes be disastrous like false accusations – then what ??

So in all honesty your journey is yours only as in you only, not your parents , not your children , not your family, not your friends , not your partners . IT IS YOURS – it all lies with you.

I do also  believe we are spirits and on this earth are currently living in these bodies we are in but then that is a conversation for another day as its too personal and can never talk on behalf of anybody else but myself.

The Star I am , I challenge you to measure what is good and what is bad to you , for you, with you? Do trust that this process with prayer, meditation and taking your time with everything because what you love today you can hate tomorrow !!!  My exes will tell you about that one !!

It’s funny how being human can be confusingly funny



Hello ….Hi …… Sanibona ….Molweni , Dumelang  greetings to all the readers from all over the world STAR is finally here to shine and enlighten everyone on daily thoughts from a being who has walked the walk – talked the talk – but guess what still learning to walk the talk on the daily basis of our God given life. Hope you enjoy the read as it is REAL and  meant to make  you laugh make you cry , make you question , make you want to discover and check yourself on where you are currently standing in your very  own life. I promise you the best of me – not just for me but sharing the best of me for you to be the best version of you – TOGETHER.

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