In this YAYA LIFE … you should reflect or should I say everyday you need to reflect!!

Reflection has no time; day or night. Mornings work best for me, the moment I open my eyes my mind starts functioning to my reality. This time I was reflecting on QUESTIONS , questions I have – some answered and some even if I were I try to answer or be answered they will always be mysterious. So my next QUESTION was “ When did I first ask questions “ hmmmmmm the thing is we ask questions from the time we are able to speak and put words together .

If you are a parent or even grew up with someone younger than you – these questions come like a hurricane and never stop and most of the time you find you even as an adult cant even answer!! Questions that don’t have answers are the ones that you still need to experience and only when you experience you know that’s a YAYA LIFE.

How do you share something with someone when you have never experienced it?

But one question that will never ever be answered is WHY DO WE LOSE A LOVED ONE? This one is the most mysterious one I mean as we have grown – we are comforted by the words “ IT WAS THEIR TIME “ On this YAYA life journey, this question is one that impacts on me so hard because I have lost so many people that I loved but also the people I love are still alive . Everyday I am grateful to have them and due to the losses of so many I now embrace every moment I have with them.

One question I never want to have is;


what is your question that you never want to have to ask yourself as it can be your biggest regret?



Hello ….Hi …… Sanibona ….Molweni , Dumelang  greetings to all the readers from all over the world STAR is finally here to shine and enlighten everyone on daily thoughts from a being who has walked the walk – talked the talk – but guess what still learning to walk the talk on the daily basis of our God given life. Hope you enjoy the read as it is REAL and  meant to make  you laugh make you cry , make you question , make you want to discover and check yourself on where you are currently standing in your very  own life. I promise you the best of me – not just for me but sharing the best of me for you to be the best version of you – TOGETHER.

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  1. The question I never want to ask myself is ” why didn’t I tell you the things I thought you should know” as a fact I always go an extra mile to tell and show people exactly how I feel about them whether good and bad

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