By: Nosipho Mkhize

Last weekend I met up with Artchild (Welile Gumede) who is well known for her work with Afrotainment after making her debut to the big screen through dancing for DJ Cindo on her “Yamnand’Into” music video back in the day. We sat down at the Playhouse coffee shop area and had a heart-to-heart session like the Mdoda sisters on the 29th episode of Real Talk. Only thing missing was the SABC camera crew.

The lovely soul went deep into her background with stories of her upbringing kwaMashu and how she was bullied as a child, as she was usually always the new kid in school every time her mom moved them around. She is the only girl amongst 8 boys and you can tell by her tomboy swag that she’s learnt how to be herself throughout the years and express herself in any way, shape or form. With her honours degree in Industrial Psychology, this singer/songwriter is not shy about having been the brightest in class who liked to be indoors studying, but still love to go out and do sports and sing in the choir. “I’m both an introvert and an extrovert” as she likes to put it. “Interesting,” is what I said, perplexed by the combination.

She will be releasing an EP of both her house and qgom music to give her fans a taste of both her styles. “Woza” is already out after apparently being leaked on social media and “Bhenga” By Artchild Produced by Rude Boyz, is scheduled to come out soon, later this month. She shares that Artdiqted and 031 Movement are still going to continue as she has a great team in place to take care of that, but at this moment needs to focus on Artchild and make sure that her music goes global to international stages and radio. We will be supporting her all the way and following her events calendar to keep track of what our gifted all-rounded artist is up to.

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