By: Tasneem Amos

There are so many ways of preparing a good chicken wing. This recipe is the basic method and as usual, we encourage you to add your own va va voom to your recipe.


• Chicken wings

• Flour

• Two beaten eggs

• Bread crumbs or coating of your choice

• Salt

• Oil

Things that you will need:

• A deep pan / pot

• 3 shallow dishes/bowls or plates

• Fork or a pair of tongs


1. Add the flour, eggs and bread crumbs each to a dish.

2. Add the salt to the flour.

3. Dip your chicken wings in the flour, then the egg and the bread crumbs or coating of your choice.

4. Add the oil to the pan or pot, preferable enough to cover the chicken wings and once hot, drop the temperature to medium heat, cook for about 10 minutes and until golden brown or until they rise to the surface.

5. Serve with your favorite side and voila!


You can literally add any desired spice to your flour mixture; garlic powder, mixed herbs, cayenne pepper, peri-peri/chicken spice, paprika or even cumin…it really is up to you.

You can use crushed corn flakes in place of the bread crumbs or even the pre-mixed Pakco Southern coating products, they come in a variety of flavors.

Test the different ingredients to see which will be better suited to tantalize yours and your family’s taste buds.

Get creative and become the Picasso of your kitchen…Go!

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