By: Zama Khumalo

Meet The Author

Meet The Author

On a daily occurrence in our journey of life, each step is faced with a new challenge. As to how we face those challenges, it is entirely up to us. One element, as human beings that differentiates us from one another, is the ability to face different encounters and have the capacity to tell a story about it. That is the beauty and commonality about humankind.
Author Mantsha Khuzwayo, has grasped this element in a relatable and empathetic manner. She has found a tactic, for the reader not to only understand her poems but for them to be understood. As mentioned before, our life experiences differ from one another. The chosen poem summarises the experiences that each and every one faces on a daily basis.
Here is an excerpt taken from the poem, titled “Superhero”:
“I am no Superman
I am no Thor
I am no hero
I might seem like a Superhero

I am human
I bleed, I cry, I feel” (P.19)

In this poem, she digs deep onto what it means to being a superhero. With relation to the everyday superheroes, we have grown to come and love, you are a human being. With your flaws and all, you are a super hero in your own right.
The one aspect, which I really enjoyed about this book of poems, was the relatability to each and every topic that she delved in. Each and every aspect that we experience through life, she has made a simplistic and realistic approach to the everyday living experience.
Her inspiration behind all of these poems combined in her book, was that she wanted to give a glimpse of the life she has lived and make the reader not feel alone in their experiences. Dedicating this book to her late grandmother, she also wanted to show her appreciation, of how much she made a tremendous impact on her life. Evidently, the biggest influence in her life. She describes her as woman of prayer, who possessed a loving heart and had a magical quality that was like no other.
Proclaiming her tremendous love, for her Grandmother. Here is an excerpt taken from the poem, titled “The one that holds my heart”:
“ You were more than a woman
The respect you commanded, your nature, your aura in my eyes
Is unparalleled, beautiful African Queen” (P.56)

“I miss that beautiful smile everyday
I miss your wisdom in trying times
I miss your shoulders when life gets heavy” (P.57)

Another reason to appreciate the simplicity of the words conveyed in the book, would be because anyone who is fond of reading, be it from a young scholar to an elderly person, will appreciate and understand the messages communicated to them. Any part of their stage in the game of life, they will be able to grasp any of the poems and relay their own interpretation, of what it means to live and be alive. A short but lovely read packed with beautiful poems, this is a keeper for people to invest in.

Rating 7/10

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