By: Nosipho Ntombela

Born in the South Coast, raised in Pietermaritzburg and thriving in Durban, Mandisa Mqadi is young lady with the fierce passion for fashion, beauty and the tourism industry.

She holds a Diploma in Travel and Tourism and has been in love with the world of Beauty from as far as her mother can remember. After knocking on many doors in the tourism industry, she finally ventured into doing what she also loves quite dearly and opened up her baby “Touched By Mandy” (TBM).

Mqadi said interacting with people of different diversities is her mostly happiest place. She says her love for the industry started with being raised by a very stylish mother.

“I have always been fascinated about putting an outfit together, from opening my closet to that final moment of looking in the mirror and feeling great before leaving the house. Good lipstick, makeup and hair makes a woman feel all sort of powerful and confident,” said Mqadi.

Mqadi said she grew up in a warm and very strict Christian home, with her dad being a pastor and her mom a nurse. As the eldest with two sisters and a brother they were hardly allowed to have friends because they had each other to play with.

“Playing dress up and messing with our mom’s makeup was one of our naughty tendencies. I felt love and security growing up as a child,” said Mqadi.

TBM does make up for men and women for all occasions. The business has opened up many opportunities for Mqadi to continue enjoying playing with colours.

Mqadi said, “We’re all beautiful, I believe. The important thing is to recognize this beauty and once you tap into that, then the world is your oyster. Self-love and self-confidence is what I want to bring out to every face I touch.”

Mqadi’s biggest inspiration is her daughter Naledi (3). Whom she says motivates her to work harder. Mqadi’s dreams of becoming an unstoppable businesswoman, in the beauty industry and beyond.

Mqadi said she sees herself owning a beauty boutique, and participating more in the Tourism Industry. As there’s a lot she is currently working on. Mqadi loves the saying that says “never take any business idea lightly” and that inspires her every day.

“When I finally got a set budget to purchase my first professional makeup kit, like all of it! I was like a child at a candy shop and that’s when I knew it has begun. I am looking forward to so many more highlights,” explained Mqadi.

Faith in God is how she defines herself.

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