By: Zama Khumalo

Standard Bank Threads – Personal Development

The “We are threads” programme brought to you by Nonzero aims to give South African (SA) Fashion Entrepreneurs, a foundation, on how they can build their brand not only in South Africa but globally. It aims at ensuring that the designers are equipped with the most profound knowledge, in making sure they make their mark in the fashion industry. The following brands were a part of this prestigious programme: Mercedes Benz, Nonzero Agency, EOH, E24 Impact and Kaya FM. The event was hosted in Hilton Hotel located in Durban. The programme spoke purely about Personal Development. Guest speaker, Timothy Maurice would delve into Neuroscience of Brain and Brand Power and a presentation from co-founder of the “We are threads” programme Tania Habimana, would speak about the different personality types of leadership.

Each Fashion Entrepreneur received a financial handbook from Standard Bank, which they would be able to utilise in their businesses. The day kicked off with Timothy Maurice, who went into detail on how the entrepreneurs view themselves as a brand and how they would like their consumers to view them. He gave the missing link on how they can figure out the missing gap, which is basically to see what is it that the consumers values in their own personal capacity, this would interlinks with their brand. Once they figure out that formula, they are able to figure out how they can make their brand to work in their favour. Timothy gave pearls of wisdom which left the entrepreneurs in awe and made them strategise on they can go forward with their brand.

To end off the day, the last speaker for the programme was co-founder for the “We are the threads” programme was Tania Habimana. She gave a thorough presentation on the different personality types and how it can work in their favour. The most important element from the presentation she gave was that it is imperative to identify what type of personality the entrepreneur possesses in order to learn how to deal with different types of people, to make their business run smoothly. The event was indeed packed with plenty of insight that the entrepreneurs will use in their future endeavours and spread onto others to keep the cycle of knowledge running for all eternity.

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