By: Elesi Azumah

Co founder of Run DBN Thoko Phillips, Founder of Jacked Up Productions Dj Miguel Massive and DYR presenter Jeef Keep

Within Durban’s Morningside area, Bus Stop Bar and Grill hosted the pre-launch of the first of many ‘Urban Durban’ nights on Saturday the 24th of March.

Consisting of an amazing DJ line-up and sponsorship by Play Energy Drink, who brought out the pimped out Gusheshe and supplied free energy drinks for patrons not forgetting Jägermeister shooters floating within everyone’s midst.

The nights events slowly unfolded into an amazing experience and Durban folk should clear their schedules as this monthly event is something to look forward too.

As soon as you entered the vicinity, you could sense a relaxed yet suave atmosphere as tables were filled with people and drinks were flowing from every direction.

DJ Miguel Massive was already on the decks spinning a cool mix of electro house that instantly set the mood upon entry.

The Run Dbn A-team certainly brought upon their A-GAME, with an All Star female representation on the day- starting from the Co-founder of Run Dbn and Moirai Bella; Thoko Phillips who had her boss hat on the entire evening and ensured everything went smooth sailing to their charming host, # the coolest Keef in the City; DYR’s (Durban Youth Radio’s) Jeef Keef who certainly knew how to keep the crowd entertained and humoured patrons the entire evening.

House DJ Zamambo brought out those old school favourites everybody loved but the evening pleaser had to be Hip Hop DJ SweetSoul who is a certain game changer in the world of female Hip Hop DJ’s because her set made everyone head to the dancefloor and pull out their best moves for the due course of the evening.

Chatting to the General Manager of Bus Stop Bar and Grill, Franky Bedini gave us an insightful look into the partnership with Run Dbn as well as the future endeavours people can surely witness within the establishment.

Staying on topic about the partnership and future events, Franky stated, “Today is our first Run Dbn event, we have recently partnered up with them with the aim of getting a new scene into Durban because Run Dbn mainly hosts outdoor events.

They have actually been looking for a new local place that is willing to host events with them and it doesn’t matter who or whatever comes so long as people are having a good time and that’s what we are trying to support”.

When questioned about whether or not the event resonates with Bus Stops brand Franky said, “a firm 100 percent!

“ With every event we host we give the best service offered. The staff and I believe that the only way we can achieve that is by communicating with customers and with this event I believe it has gone very well,” he said.

Going into further details, Franky said, “Essentially what we are going to be doing with Run Dbn are hosting Loud Bashes once a month. We will have a variety of Run Dbn DJ’s and our own local DJ’s.

“Every Wednesday we will alternate between our gaming evenings which will compose of beerpong, poker and some other drinking games we come up with along the line and every alternate Wednesday will be our comedy nights which we will be running with Savannah,” he said.

An amazing all-round partnership with the duo and acclaimed Jacked up Productions, one can expect fun-filled monthly “turn-ups with a twist” and various forms of entertainment at the Bar and Grill who offer exceptional hospitality, stellar service and a cocktail menu everyone in the 031 should definitely try.

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