By:  Annabelle Fee

When there is water available in abundance and is supplied without any limitations, children may not be able to value this blessing of nature until they are educated about water and the need to conserve its resources.

It is important that kids are given an early start and are taught to avoid wasting water by either a science tutor or their parents so they can grow up to be responsible members of society. The following are some fun ways to teach kids about water conservation.

  • Cutting Time on Shower

Kids love to play in water be it pools, rain or in a shower. Since water is abundant for a number of children in many countries of the world, the kids see it as a normality that will probably never see its end.

It is critical that kids are taught to incorporate water saving habits in their day to day life making them learn the importance of water conservation along the way. By making kids cut back on their shower duration little by little, will make them become more responsible and be aware about water conservation.

  • Visit a Drinking Water Facility

Arranging an educational trip to a local drinking water plant can help kids see for themselves the amount of effort and technology that is required to make water clean enough for drinking.

A science tutor or a school can arrange such a trip for their students and let them know how water from the environment becomes available for everyday use in our homes. Tours to drinking water plants are facilitated in many areas and help kids learn about water conservation in the best learning environment.

  • Identify Leaks Around The House

Involve your kids in identify any leaks in faucets and pipes in your house and make this into a fun activity.

Kids enjoy being useful when they know that they are helping their parents. This activity will teach them that fixing any leaks that waste water is an important task. In the longer run, it will make them get involved in a lifestyle that is water conservation friendly.

  • Garden With The Kids

Gardening with your kids will help them become more aware of the importance of water since it sustains life.

They will learn that water is important for plants which provides us with food and there is a need to save all the resources of clean water that are available especially by the people who are not affected by lack of food and clean drinking water.

  • Making Use Of The Online Knowledge

There are a number of online sources that teach scientific subjects and topics in more interactive ways through games and animation. Making use of these sources can go a long way in instilling the habits of water conservation among young kids.

Since water conservation can become a topic of serious nature for kids to understand, it is important for a science tutor to make sure that they incorporate such topics in their lessons in an interesting and interactive manner.

Clean water resources are rapidly depleting, and parents need to ensure that while their kids have fun with water in their favorite environments, they are still able to understand its importance.

By making them learn in interactive and fun environments, kids can become responsible members of the society at an early age. 

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