By: Zama Khumalo

In business, the one element that is always appreciated from any author in a non-fictional sphere, is honesty. Author Jess Mouneimne has a book called “Being Boss”, the book speaks about how to make it as an entrepreneur in the Small to Medium business sized sector. She has a given a microscopic introspection, on how she made it in her line of business, which is Public Relations.
She divulges about her drug addiction and how turning her faith around in being Muslim, saved her to being the person she is today. Her love for boxing has helped her tremendously and enabled her to be more in tune with herself. I personally loved the fact that she used boxing, as a way to fight her drug addiction and made her have more friends within that vicinity. Not forgetting that her family, her husband and two lovely have been the foundation, for her to grow further, as a successful entrepreneur.
“Being Boss” is not only just a figure of speech but it speaks to those who dream of aspiring themselves, to greater heights as entrepreneurs. Jess has given her truth. This is important because let’s not pretend that the truth is an easy pill to swallow, she mentioned that there were times she wanted to give up on her dreams because tragic events such as suffering from post natal depression and reselling her business, made it hard for her and got her to wake up and re-evaluate her life. Events of that nature, open your eyes on the realities that entrepreneurs face.
The lessons in the book are extremely valuable and offer short succinct guidelines that will enable you as entrepreneur to practice your business in a conducive manner. One of the main attributes, that she continuously highlights in the book, is that there has to passion in whatever you do. Even if you feel as if the odds are stacked against you, the passion you have for your business and all that you do, will save you in the end. This is because this is the fuel that will keep you running in your line of business.
The personal stories shared in each chapter, gives it that special touch of why this book should be kept as close to you as possible. There was one instance where Ms Mouneimne speaks about how she was looking for a team, as her business was increasing at a rapid rate. She scouted, interviewed and found the tribe she had been searching for, however that very same tribe of people had broken her trust. There were some members who other ulterior motives such as forging references or exiting the company without notice. AT times, we find our greatest blessings through our blessings. Through that, she found herself to be a greater and more confident leader.
The South African Market is an extremely fickle one, anything can happen at anytime, being equipped with best armour known to man is essential if you want to survive and thrive in it. That armour is knowledge! Information is king but ensuring how you utilise it, will definitely separate you from the rest of the crowd.
A powerful read and encourages the common man on the street to go and achieve their dreams. In closing, there is a quote that Ms Mouneimne has mentioned that is the extremely powerful and motivating, that is relatable to all aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. It reads:
“While some universal business truths do exist, people need to be the best versions of themselves to land the knockout punch when it really counts” – Mouneimne. J (p.161)

Rating: 8/10

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