By: Onawanda Mpanza

Philile Mchunu, a mom to an amazing, bubbly and gifted 3 year old, by the name of Fezokuhle Mchunu that loves the stage and was born for it.

A lover of pageants and a very good one at it. She recently began her journey but she is shining like she was born doing pageants.

In Zululand she entered Tiny Miss Tourism Queen Zululand 2017 and won it on her first time entry and she was so confident and comfortable that she won the title amidst the barrier of not being fully bilingual in the english language then.

In August she will represent KZN in a National competition, Toddlers and Tween of the world South Africa 2018 in the North West. According to her mom she has always been ahead of her age and very smart.

We wanted to find out more about the mother behind it all. Surely this young girl is raised by an exceptional supportive mbokodo. We delved a little deeper to find out about the pageant mom, Philile Mchunu.

Raising up such a confident, child surely stems from you being a woman that is comfortable in her own skin and knows what she wants, tell us a little about yourself – I’ve never been shy and timid. I have always believed in myself of which I passed down to my daughter by believing in her as well. Nothing is impossible with God, he has blessed us with the spirit of power and not fear.

Being a mom to a talented child at such a young age means more work for you. Besides being her mom, which other roles do you take on so that she fulfills her dreams? Being a mom in general means you need to wear many different hats. I am her teacher,her mentor,her bodyguard,her nurse and her dietician as it’s very hard to try get her to eat and it being essential that she is as healthy as possible.

Who does she take after in being a little girl that isn’t scared of being on stage confidently? It’s really a combination of both mom and dad. Dad was a model back in his day and did well for himself but he is an introvert. So I guess she takes the boldness from me.

Which career are you in and how do you balance work and supporting Fezokuhle? I am currently a stay at home mom so it makes it easier to support Fezokuhle.

What influenced your decision to stop working? I was a nurse before but when i was pregnant with Fezokuhle i realised the dangers of the industry and the potential infections i could come across as a nurse and the little time i could spend with her, so i stopped temporarily. Later I decided to resign.

I must say, you are an amazing mom for considering your child’s well being and helping her discover her talents. If it wasn’t for your sacrifice and being involved in your child’s life. We probably wouldn’t know about Fezokuhle today. Does it also put a smile on your face knowing you have given your child an opportunity to discover her talents early? Not only is she discovering herself but she’s also contributing to society by getting involved in charity work and actually making a difference in people’s’s lives. It feels amazing that she’s learning responsibility at such a young age. Knowing I’m playing my part and raising a loving daughter who actually cares about the wellbeing of others puts a huge smile on my face.

Advice for mothers that are also involved in helping their children follow their giftings. How can they balance everything? I advise all my friends with kids that there’s no compromise when it comes to education,it takes priority especially if you’re in this industry. The last thing you’d want to be said about your child is “beauty with no brains”. Don’t let your child participate in all the extra mural activities under the sun,find what they like and nurture that so that they excel in that particular sport rather than focusing on five different things at the same time.

Do you see Fezokuhle doing this for life or do you see other talents springing forth due to pageants? I definitely see other talents rising due to pageants. Fezokuhle is definitely not a one trick pony,she’s very versatile. and modelling is not just about striding down the ramp but they need to be able to articulate their thoughts well.Most pageants require talent in order for the child to showcase what it is,they are capable of besides modelling.

As she prepares for her TTW journey in North West, Fezokuhle needs sponsorship, support and votes in order to succeed. Check out her Facebook page HERE.

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