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Throughout the month of May, SA Bloggers featured women across the motherhood spectrum. We chatted to celebrity moms, moms in Hip Hop, moms of special needs kids and various others. I had the privilege of chatting to another well-known supermom, active in the comedy streets. Jo Holroyd speaks to us on motherhood and her journey and career in comedy.

At what age did you become a mom? I was 31 when I had my first child, Amy and then 33 with my second, kai.

Why comedy? I don’t really think I intended this to become a long-term career and thing I would do but I love the Durban community. I love being up on stage and I love being able to talk about the things that I do.

Comedy is a performing art. It’s shouldn’t be just about going up on stage and making people laugh. It’s a commentary about the world we live in. So, while I have that comedian title, I prefer to think of myself as a social commentator and I just happen to be funny while talking about everyday life and struggles. With comedy, you can say a lot of things that people find funny at the time but they go away and think about it and hopefully it changes a little about how they see the world.

Any challenges with being a mom in comedy? A mom in comedy is still a mom. So, the late nights and early mornings don’t always work.

It then becomes a delicate balance to talk about my life as a mom in a way that is relatable to the audience.

Another challenge is being introduced as a mom in comedy and then having people automatically switch off expecting you to just talk about your kids, which I think is a global challenge for all moms.

What’s the best thing about being a mom in comedyThe endless material provided by my kids. I try to avoid having my material recorded because quite a bit of it is about the reality of having children. I think it’s so important because other mom’s need to have someone say what we are all thinking. And just talking about your development as a parent between first and second kids.

What have you accomplished through comedy and even outside of the sphere? Outside the sphere … I stayed married to Tim while he did an MBA. He started 6 months before I got pregnant with Amy and finished when Kai was 18 months, so for most of that time I did as much as I could to make sure he could study.

Within comedy, I did Comedy for a Cause for the Edith Benson Children’s Home. We raised R7500 for the home.

Future aspirations for you? I’ve just started a podcast with the very funny Neil Green. I would love for that to go nationwide and get a great following with that. It’s called looking for sponsors; mostly because we inadvertently say something uncomplimentary about a company every week.

You can find it on

On a personal level, I would love if we could somehow organise Brett from Parc to serve me breakfast in bed every morning.

What advice do you have for mothers out there? Splurge on the good coffee. It’s even better with a shot of coffee liqueur. More so at 7:30am

Have things that are just yours and I don’t mean soap. I mean nice biscuits or chips or even cheese and crackers.

You can say NO to your kids. They say no to you all the time. Make your husband deal with his mother.

Come to my shows … We’ll go drinking afterwards. Bring your husband’s credit card and take an UBER.

Finally, and most importantly; if you think you have PPD or depression and anxiety, please see your Doctor. You don’t ever have to suffer alone. To keep up with Jo, visit her social media profiles:

IG: jo_holroyd

Twitter: @Jo_Holroyd

One of the most hilarious and frank people I’ve ever interviewed. Wishing Jo everything of the best on her future endeavors.

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