By: Zama Khumalo

Hunters Refresh Experience brought in a wave of entertainment, into the heart of Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN). Having a beach themed setting, in the magnificent Virginia Airport, located near the North Coast shoreline. Black Coffee was the main live act, featuring other spectacular DJs who are no strangers in the KZN Music industry such as DJ Tira, King Sfiso, DJ Cndo and many others. Below are two accounts from the Editors of SA Bloggers, who give their Hunters Refresh experience and why it is important everyone needs to be a part of it.
“The experience was phenomenal and it was something that every person should experience in terms of getting to see Black Coffee live, from the entrance having the whole Hunters logo’s banners, props and having to take pictures within that setting. The setting was absolutely beautiful! From the media setting and having to have one on one conversations, with people in the industry and witnessing Black Coffee himself. The ambiance was remarkable. Listening to other DJ’s on the set was absolutely amazing, my personal favourite was DJ Cndo, she was fire! The venue being exclusive was highly impressive. Everyone that attended had a personal experience with Black Coffee, even though you couldn’t have a one-on-one conversation with him, you could feel, that you were being personally accommodated to within his midst, basically getting to see him in action. Where the DJ’s were actually set, they gave a superb performance. The environment gave a beach feel and you definitely could feel relaxed within the vicinity. Professionalism was at absolutely flawless and I am truly grateful to be a part of such an experience”. – Elesi Azumah, SA Bloggers Features Editor
“The venue was spectacular and it enabled people to dance, as much as they wanted to, on the dance floor. The atmosphere was incredible, when you went on the dance floor; you literally felt the fire that pulsated from everyone. The vibes that were given off at the event was unquestionably amazing. Black Coffee reminded us, why he is legendary and excellent at what he does. His music made everyone just lose their sanity. When he played the South African favourite anthem “Dance again”, it automatically brought that sense that indeed South Africa is a great place to exist in. This experience unlocked a wave of happiness and nothing but memories. Everyone was united, in assuring that a good time would happen. DJ Cndo gave us a superb performance, reminding as to why she is flames on the decks. The never ending tunes from DJs such as De Capo, King Sfiso, DJ Tira and many more, made the night even more special. The overall setting in the location, which was Virginia Airport, was beyond beautiful. There was a beach vibe and you automatically felt relaxed when you entered the vicinity of the location. The professionalism displayed from the whole event was excellent and I was extremely appreciative, of being a part of such an experience. Definitely one that everyone should gain the access of attending” – Zama Khumalo, SA Bloggers Music Editor

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