By: Elesi Azumah

41 year old, Linda Zandamela is a classical muse behind beauty and brains. She holds a BCom in (Business Management and Industrial Psychology).

With a firm persistence towards furthering her studies; Zandamela is due to complete her course work to a Masters in Business Administration by 2019.

Prior to taking a break to start a family, she held a number of positions at senior and executive management level as a corporate short term insurance and risk management specialist and also holds a number of qualifications within those areas.

A wondering eye towards property investment,it comes as no surprise why Linda decided to turn her love for property investment into a full grown business. Enjoy a warm cuppa and follow us as we delve into Linda’s personal journey on family,business and aspirations.

Who is Linda Zandamela besides all the titles that come with her? It is difficult to describe myself without using the best title I’ve ever had and one I’m proudest of the most- “MOM”.  I’m a mother to two wonderful girls which is an honour and blessing that I cannot put into words. I’m also a wife to the coolest guy ever, daughter, sister, aunt and a child of God.

You are the proud owner of Zimbali Destinations, how did that idea come about? Zimbali Destinations offers luxury, stylish and comfortable self-catering accommodation for short-term rental in Zimbali Coastal Estate. The idea came about as a result of my family’s love for travelling, beautiful spaces and of course my love for entertaining and hosting.

Establishing a company whose sole purpose is to provide a luxury home-away-from-home accommodation which is value for money was a natural fit with my personality and my personal interests.

Have you found it easy to enter the holiday rental market? It has not been easy at all! As a smaller holiday rental company, I have to work much harder in building and maintaining the Zimbali Destinations brand. Operationally, I can’t afford to be complacent. I personally oversee all operations – decorating, cleaning, administration, including welcoming guests, “I’m involved”!

From the outside looking in, you have a very beautiful family and equally beautiful daughters; tell us a bit about them? They are my life! I often think of them as my “board of directors” to which I’m accountable. Having them in my life ensures that I use the resources I have at my disposal wisely and fruitfully, and any time spent away from them is used to generate a result that will make them proud. They are my biggest motivators. I believe being a mother and a wife is what and will continue to make me a better business woman.

Describe your relationship with your daughters compared to your relationship with your mother? The relationship I have with my daughters is much like the one I had with my mother growing up. We are really close and they know they can come to me for anything or when they need to be comforted. I can be the fun parent but also a disciplinarian who sets boundaries. I constantly explain to them how much I love them and show interest in what they like, compliment, encourage, hug, kiss, play, console, interact and listen to them.

Where does Linda find the balance to juggle it all, being a business women, wife and mother all at the same time? I wouldn’t say that I’ve fully mastered the art of juggling, but I continue to learn as I go along. I try as much as possible to have a dedicated work life and family time. When the girls are at school or at an extra-curricular activity, I try and fit in most of the work. Before and after bath time is where we reconnect as a family, with Fridays being date nights and weekends are strictly for family – the girls usually dictate the itinerary for the weekend.

How supportive has your family been with your endeavors and the sacrifices that come with it? My family has been beyond supportive and are a blessing I don’t take for granted. I have so much support in many forms; from my dear husband who attends to one of the girls (or both) when they wake up in the middle of the night especially after an exhausting day to the nannies that look after my girls.

My administrator who takes my calls and responds to my messages at 11pm and the housekeeping team that ensures my properties are spotless and everything is at 5-star standards.

My father who doubles up as my property maintenance and go-to guy and last but not least my mom and sister who understand that I’ll sometimes have my phone glued to my ear or hand whilst attending to booking inquiries during our lunch dates. That’s my family in a nutshell!

Looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self and the choices she will make within the future? At some point everything you’ve ever prayed for will fall into place. Be patient and persistent…it will all work out.

You can find Linda on the following Social media handles:

Facebook @zimbalidestinations
Instagram @zimbalidestinations

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