By: Tasneem Amos

Meet 30-year-old, Ash-leigh La Foy, also known by her performance alias: Lex LaFoy

Becoming a mother at just 20, LaFoy is a force to be reckoned with. She is a rapper, writer, performing artist and youth facilitator. She has released two mixtapes, an album and is currently working on a collaborative EP. She has just completed her first children’s book – which is currently in the illustration phase, and has another motivational book, currently being proof read.

LaFoy is the founding member of a DJ collective called The Good Vibes Collective, as well as the founding member of an all-female network and support circle called Sister Sundays. She facilitates events for a health campaign called Ubuntu Initiative, works with an NGO called Show Me Your Number and has a Social Science degree, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. This is all over and above being a single mom to one little human.

Like many young moms and like many in the Hip Hop sphere, LaFoy has faced her own share of adversities. Hip hop was and remains a taboo in many societies and homes, including her own, initially. Being a catalyst in her own right, LaFoy always set to do things her own way and eventually proved against the stereotype that you are and will only be successful if you work a 9-5. She stands as a testimony that hard work and determination will assist you in reaching your goals, even as a mother.

Prayer and finding a balance in each day, are the things that LaFoy looks to, to help her cope. She instils the very same in her daughter, Satiah. She believes that the pinnacle of her lessons will be the starting point for her daughter, and in acknowledging that, aims to raise her daughter in a wealth-oriented, unlimited mindset.

She wants her daughter to know that she can be whoever she wants to be; “the greatest freedom is being who you are, doing what you love whilst being surrounded by the people that you love”, she goes on to say.

Whilst some may see her being a mother and still being active in the hips hop spheres as a concern, LaFoy says that she is grateful that Satiah is exposed to the talented, free-thinking and beautiful people that she sees as her colleagues and friends. She is grateful that the criteria of people close to her are both inspiring and norm-challenging and says most of the people she introduces Satiah to are creatives and leaders.

LaFoy says that Satiah is also exposed to various nationalities and people across the sexual spectrum and deems it important that she raises a human who loves more than she judges; who understands herself and others better.

LaFoy advises moms to remember that kids are generational upgrades, just as we are from our parents. She encourages moms to approach life with curiosity and to be prepared to learn, grow and evolve with their kids.

They chose you. Feel honoured. Honour them in return – Lex LaFoy.

A mom worthy of being celebrated indeed.

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