By Jifa Azumah

Grammy award winning singer, Sam Smith is back with a second album titled- The Thrill of It All.

‘Souped up with emotional thrills and heart wrenching tones’ than his first album – “In the Lonely Hour’, this album showcases the same musical methods that made his debut album such a commercial success.

One would think with the album title ‘The Thrill of It All’, Smith would present an upbeat, almost dance-like album but instead you get a sense of longing for love and belonging.

As you listen to the lyrical content, you become well aware of the emotions behind each note and the portrayal of what it’s like to crave for someone who barely notices your existence.

Thus making him the biggest pop star of the century due to his ability to be naked in his truth therefore making him more engaging to the listener.

The soulful artist is authentic and vulnerable yet is not afraid to admit his experiences with heart ache just like any other being thus making him relatable.

There is a sense of pain and yearning in his voice but also a glimmer of strength- in his first track ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’, the message conveyed is all about cutting ties with what no longer benefits one’s inner peace and happiness.

From a personal perspective it seems like Smith might have learnt the hard way and is now better at letting go and saying goodbye. This song by far stood out for me and has to be my personal favourite on the 14 track album.

Another tear jerking song would have to be, ‘Nothing Left for you’. The self- titled track speaks all about loving the wrong person and giving yourself entirely even when there is literally nothing left to give, something people often experience when being in love with someone for all the wrong reasons.

Sam Smith has tapped into a realm of personal pain and has somehow been able to give listeners a piece of his pain to share.

Overall a tremendous piece of work and well thought out lyrics put together; this album is somewhat reminiscent to Adele’s 21 album.

Listeners will go through different types of sentiments, past heartbreaks whilst listening to the album and a chance of knowing him on a deeper level.

Rating 8/10


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