By: Zama Khumalo

Durbanite “Bass Rap” artist, Lex Lafoy has delivered an enthralling album titled, “Honey Bass” which will make you get off your feet and dance to the electric beats. The album delivers a groovy sound that encompasses the energetic aura of the city. “Honey Bass” was inspired from the same producer who created the beat on Rapper- Ifani’s “Ewe” track.
Whilst listening to the album, one song that captured my attention, was “Vuk’ Ekseni”. The title translated means “Wake up in the morning”. This song is a great reminder to hustlers about being consistent with their grind and not forgetting where they come from. It is a meaningful song because it speaks of a cycle which occurs within everyone who wants to achieve their ultimate goals and to be successful in whatever they do. To portray it in her own personal capacity, she even speaks about how her hustle is for her daughter and the rest of her family; a component everyone understands and practices.
With electrifying beats within the album, Durban based vocalist, Ruby Gold frequently appears however offering an adaptability of her voice. Songs such as “S.M.Y.N” where she is rough around the edges, speaks confidently on how she doesn’t need the assistance of an older man and is fiercely independent. However on “Traces”, the original and remix, she offers a smoother approach and makes your mind feel at ease. Both mixes of “Traces” were great offerings from Lafoy, as she states; “This song encompassed the sound of Durban, a relaxed but entertaining sound”.
The features on the album showcase versatility and a rather interesting view of Durban talent. This shows through the sounds used within the album which is fantastic. It takes a while to get adjusted to the high energetic bass beats and to hear a different sound because not everyone is accustomed to “Bass Rap”. An artist such as Ifani, has managed to stick to his original flow and sound, yet able to modify himself to the beat of the music- one word,enlightening!
One thing I enjoyed about the lyrical content from the album was the use of vernacular. Lafoy also raps in IsiZulu, which is impressive and a great move to gain a new audience. In the song, “Vuk’ ekuseni” she plays on this quite well. The variety of features displayed the brilliance between the different artists. From Ifani to Veranda Panda, she made a great move on her selection. The lyrics heard in each and every song speak of a very powerful woman, who knows her destiny and intends on taking others on the same pursuit with her.
“The 031” has immense talent and it is vital that it is recognised. Lafoy is an artist to keep an eye for as she is not only offering an untouched sound but ensuring that you are kept entertained. The sound does get some getting used to but one needs to have an open mind, to learning new things. Keep your eye for her, she is FIRE!
Rating: 7/10

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