By: Zama Khumalo

Rap artist extraordinaire, Nasty C has returned with two fantastic singles called “King” featuring international rap artist, ASAP Ferg and “Jungle”. These are just some of the singles, which will be featured on his new album “Strings and Bling”.
In “King”, the song speaks about what bothers him about the things that people say and do. Subliminally, he seems to be talking about someone in this song, hence why he keeps saying “King”. He is speaking on his observations and what he knows as being powerful moves, from ignoring fake people and being with people that will make him boss up, basically creating “Kingly” moves.

“I take what I take”, Nasty C says this line with such ease. No one can blame him because he is an artist that is self-assured and goes for whatever he wants. The music industry is his throne and is certainly not going away anytime soon. This may seem like a boastful thing to say but it is important to let people know who and what you are made of, so they will know the skills you possess. That is what Hip Hop is all about.
He made an excellent choice by selecting an international Hip Hop artist, who speaks the same rap talk he does and is on the same league as him, ASAP Ferg. ASAP Ferg delivers his flow, which ties in really well with the song; his recognisable voice and spit game make the track more entertaining.

The smooth beat syncs in perfectly with his raps and he has been able to maintain the level in which we know him to be.

“King” is a song one can listen to over and over, as this is an affirmation of a person who is self-assured and understands the vision of their future, ignoring what the haters say and carry on shining.

unnamed (1)“Jungle”, Nasty C continues to remind us why he is a beast on the mic. “Jungle” is a declaration that he will take what he wants, when he wants it. He is pretty wild and doesn’t hold back on this song; unlike “King” where he is explicit on what his aims are. The beat gives off an Asian feel, trying to keep it to the Nasty C that we recognise.
What was a smart move on this track, was that Nasty C kept it local but international at the same time. He uses the line “My coloured ladies, looking Puerto Rican ek se, my Puerto Rican ladies looking coloured Ek se”, recognising the beauty of women around the globe.
“I am the future, you are talking to the bones” will always be a reminder to all those listening and watching his every move that he knows he is going far in life because he created such a high standard in his music, that others who want to follow in the same league will have to reach to the top, basically survival of the fittest.

Metaphorically speaking, “Jungle” speaks about how he has survived the environment he has existed in and what he has done to get to the top.
Nasty C has definitely matured and come a long way from where he started, he sounds much more assured of himself and the fact that he is featuring international artists on his music, would cement his place in the hearts of more people.


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