By: Zama Khumalo

Located in a scrapyard, the scene is set with Afro Pop sensation Holly Rey seated on a car seat with an umbrella in her hands. Her alluring black dress matched with a pretty pink jersey, sets the tone for the music video which is funky but charming.
The video quickly transitions to Holly in an underground parking, surrounded by Kwaito dancers who are dressed in white. Her clothing has changed from a black dress to a checked jacket with jeans, blending in with the dancers and portrays an image of everyone being in high spirits.
There is a break away scene, where other dancers are dressed in black, dance to their own beat but are still in sync with the song. The video still blends in the two dancers, although the dancers dressed in black are by themselves, it still plays in nicely with the other dancers Holly is featured with.
The song speaks about falling in love and how it makes one feel. The electric beat transcends throughout the whole song and video, giving it a feeling of togetherness. Everyone within the video is exuding happiness and love, which is also what Holly is exuding upon everyone she interacts with. The dancing with the people in the streets, where she is now dressed in a checked jacket with a bandana on her head, was a lovely touch because everyone Holly looks so natural and the dancing doesn’t look forced.
In the next scene, it nicely shows her playing on a small keyboard that lights up, on every note that she plays, she has a very sheik look and is dressed in all black with a pink scarf. Notably with each different location, from the scrapyard to the underground parking she has a different look.
The props used in the video are useful, in the beginning of the music video Holly is seen holding a rear-view mirror, which is used as a microphone. There is another scene where she dances with the dancers and is holding a long light bulb and the dancers are surrounding her, it’s like she brings light to the group.
My favourite part has to be when she is in the Citi Golf and is standing in it. She is so carefree and happy, driving around the dancers. It blends in well with the beat of the song because that is the feeling it gives, when you are listening to it.
From the streets to the underground parking, Holly is seen smiling radiantly in each scene. I enjoyed the whole package that Holly brought in the music video and the song itself, you can feel her energy and it is one that is an upbeat and positive one.
Overall, a simple but lovely video that was in the streets of Durban and shot with such great execution.

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