Her story

My name is Tshego Mosiane, better known as Red, and I am a 22 year-old self-taught fashion Journalist and film maker. I was born in the small town of Mafikeng but always had dreams of a life outside the dusty cluster of villages.

I fell in love with fashion like most South African children, through television. The seemingly glamorous life of models and designers captivated little me but as I grew older I began to realize the disconnect between the screen and my surroundings. Since then I have committed my life to creating fashion content that shows me, my people and my continent as we really are because we also are consumers and creators of fashion.

Photo by: Culture Capital (www.culturecapital.co.za)

Photo by: Culture Capital (www.culturecapital.co.za)

After high school my parents like many in the country could not afford to enroll me in a tertiary institute. Instead of giving up, I started perusing my career in fashion media at the tender age of 17. I have since contributed insightful articles on fashion to publications like Marie Claire, BET Africa, Superbalist, SA Fashion Handbook, The Fashion Law (US) and many more. My now infamous twitter red carpet threads also have helped boost my career in fashion focusing on my brand of honesty and the need for critique in order to advance as a local industry.

At 21 it dawned on me that writing wasn’t enough to communicate African fashion, so I started my website www.reconnected.co.za where I create Short films, documentaries and interview series on local fashion. I taught myself how to edit video, borrowed cameras and went to local internet shops to upload. Thankfully, I have been able to collaborate with other young black creatives from marginalized backgrounds to create work together.

Since launching my website, my films have garnered international recognition. I have had work showcased at 4 international film festivals in less than 6 months in 2017: Fashion Film Festival Milano in Italy, Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival in Bosnia, Caribbean Arts and Feature Festival in Trinidad and the Global Youth Film Festival in Bangladesh.

This year, 2 of my works have been nominated at the Zanzibar International Film Festival for Best Web Series. The festival is one of the biggest and most respected on the continent with attendees and speakers from all over the world. The festival is from 7th to 15th of July with showcases, workshops and invaluable opportunities to further ones career. The category of Web Series is new this year and aims to spotlight trailblazers in global digital film with nominees from Europe and America as well. The 2 nominated series are: SUBS, a documentary series focused of atypical organic African fashion stereotypes & Festival Politicos, a look at how the ethos of a music festival is evident in how those who attend dress.

I am in desperate need for funding to attend. My family can not afford to help me at all but I do not want to miss out on the opportunity to present my work to some of the most influential people in global and African film. In order to fund my trip, please contribute to mine and my collaborators GoFundMe. Otherwise, please contact me if you would prefer to pay for either flights or accommodation directly. I would be eternally grateful to any assistance.

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