By: Elesi Azumah

“The We Are One Festival is a noble cause at bringing social cohesion towards the INK (Inanda, Ntuzuma, and Kwa-Mashu) and Phoenix area. It is the ingredient to bring a non-racial future to South Africa”. These are the powerful words our Honourable Minister of Energy, Jeff Hadebe shared during the official media launch for the festival on the 06th of June 2018.

Built on a dream towards bringing people from different ethnic groups and backgrounds together to foster unity, it is clear that Founder; Miss Jacinta Ngobese holds a piece at trying to create a Rainbow Nation that sees no color one festival at a time.

It all started out as a dream which later turned into a reality. Ngobese noticed the lack of social cohesion towards the INK area and the idea of the festival was the perfect platform to bring all these people together more especially the children within these specific areas.

“I remember being at the Beverly Hills Hotel sometime in 2015 and the idea of the festival was an endeavor I had always wanted to do but it kept getting the back-ender for various reasons.

I just so happened to see Mr Vivian Reddy at the Hotel and in that moment I knew this was my opportunity to share my idea and thankfully he listened to me for two minutes. After my pitch Mr Reddy said ‘let’s do it’, we exchanged contact details and look how far we have come by 2018.

I will forever be grateful to Mr Reddy because he believed in my dream” -Jacinta explained.

However Ngobese displayed an eagerness of wanting Minister Jeff Hadebe to be apart of the initiative because of the hope he instilled in her.

“It gave me so much honor and pride knowing that Mr Hadebe is a product of my location to the extent where I would often brag and walk past his home and tell whomever I would be with at the time that; This is Jeff Hadebe’s house.

Sharing my idea with him was touching because he shared the exact same sentiments and how I could literally do anything if I put my head and heart into it” she said.

Businessman and Chairman of Isibaya Casino, Mr Vivian Reddy also shared how close the initiative is to his heart and the beauty behind it.“It is always beautiful bringing people from different backgrounds and races together. We are facing a lot of racial tension in South Africa and right now the festival is the one thing I personally believe that can be the key at bringing South Africans together all in spirit of Ubuntu,” he explained.

Minister Jeff Hadebe touched base on the necessity of the festival by adding:

“Government life is very dear to my heart but the idea of the festival ensures that people within the INK area are linked and can enjoy themselves by participating in the walk from Inanda to Phoenix all together where we see no color but just the human race” he said.

This two day festival is all about sustaining and maintaining unity through volunteerism by promoting positive community relations in the INK/Phoenix area.

Join the Fun Walk on the 23rd of June by registering on for free and stand to win cool prizes on the day.

However Day 2 will consist of the We Are One Festival and Fun Fair event.
Make sure you don’t miss this beautiful initiative as the festival brings the beautiful people of Durban together.

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