By: Elesi Azumah

The beauty industry has reached a pinnacle stage within the “Beat Century” and with all its glory we tend to neglect the necessities our skins desire.

Esse’s Nourish Moisturiser was announced the winner of the ‘Best Day Cream’ category for presenting a moisturiser with beneficial probiotic extracts that strengthens and moisturises even sensitive skin.  It was described as  ‘A true moisture bomb that causes the skin to radiate well’.

It is vital to take extra precaution when purchasing a product especially since we live in an era of ‘genetically modified everything’. Being able to differentiate our skin problems, textures yet scribing the code between oily to dry skin or either the combination of both can prove rather difficult for the everyday consumer.

The evolution of the cosmetic industry has brought upon many products which “seemingly” cater for all skin types and I can firmly attest to that.


I tend to be sensitive to skincare products and I have uneven skin tone “which I can thank my hereditary lineage’’ but the Protect oil from Esse has certainly changed my perspective with concern to oil based products.

The Esse skincare range is literally a link between futuristic meets technological skincare. From Masks, Omega Moisturisers and a range specifically catered for sensitive skin, the range truly identifies the meaning of ‘caring for your skin’.

Within the Protect oil, a new oil from Namibia is aimed at to protecting sensitive skin from environmental damage and strengthens barrier function for ongoing support.

This oil delicately moisturizers the face and gives off an added glow when applied. I have dry-sensitive skin but with Esse Protect Oil, you simply apply 5-10 drops on the facial and neck area which not only smells wonderful due to its’ Vanilla based aroma but also leaves you feeling refreshed.

Probiotics are often associated with the digestive system or reference to a healthy gut. Esse has discovered that optimal skin conditions depends heavily on the use of probiotics and has incorporated all of this within its range.

After two weeks of usage, I could definitely see and feel the results and was left highly impressed at how effective my skin reacted to the product.

My skin feels softer, appears to be more rejuvenated and the dullness is fading away all within the first week. Most of my life, I never really stuck to one skincare brand or item because of the sensitivity of my skin which lead to me trying out different products and afraid of how my face would react to chemicals.

But with ingredients such as Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and its primary ingredient being Ximena Oil, which forms a protective layer coating over the skin; the good health of sensitive skin lies confidently with the Esse and I firmly believe the revolution of skincare has certainly elevated.

Certified organic, vegan and cruelty free visit their online site and see what the world of new skincare looks like.

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