By: Zama Khumalo


When I received the Huawei P20 Lite, I didn’t know how to describe the fabulosity this phone possesses. Feeling the actual phone, it is rather light, large in size and extremely slim. The presentation is immaculate and one cannot deny that it is a sleek phone that everyone needs to have in order to make their lives easier. It’s not just a phone, it’s THE phone.
The phone’s camera is absolutely exquisite as it has the power to capture any precious moments with precision and vividly. The “pro photo” is the best option if you want to boast your photography skills amongst your loved ones, taking any ordinary shot and turning it into a divine masterpiece. Whether it is day or night time, the powerful dual camera does the job. If you want to capture moving objects within seconds, the extrapolative focus and intelligent motion detection from the camera does the work exquisitely.
Upon viewing the battery life, I was amazed to see that the battery is able to last for quite a long time. This despite that there’s a plethora of apps that the phone can operate on. However when you are low on battery, the phone super charge option is available and immediately charges your phone at such a rapid rate. Within an hour, your phone will be charged and ready for use. If that is not efficient, then I don’t know what is?
Picture Quality

The picture quality is exceptional; one of the picture features from the phone that I really enjoyed using was “Aperture”. That feature had the ability to make the phone seem like a camera and give the illusion that one is on a professional photo shoot. Usually one of the things when shooting a picture, the major problem that we fear is that the object at hand may be far away from the camera and it is necessary to zoom in which loses all focus in the overall picture. The P20 Lite has such a flawless zoom in option, that it makes the picture clear to a point it doesn’t look zoomed in.
As expected, the Huawei P20 Lite has the normal way of creating a security code for your phone however a technical advancement that has been created is the “Face Unlock Feature”. You are now able to unlock your phone with your face, as a form of security for your phone; this is beneficial just in case your hands are busy with something else.
I must commend Huawei on their accessibility settings; this becomes extremely useful if there is a person with a disability who the P20 Lite. There is a feature that you can select, where you can use your knuckle (Instead of your fingers) and lightly knock on the phone where it will open up and you can operate it as you please. This is useful as it is impactful that all walks of life are able to function the full might of this phone.

The speakers on the side of the phone are powerful and create a sense that you have connected your phone to actual speakers, enjoying your music as loud as you can.
The 128GB internal memory in the phone is quite impressive as there have are games and social media apps such as: Facebook, Instagram and many others which are installed in the phone. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of storage space giving you the freedom to download anything of your choosing. The software on the P20 runs smoothly and gives no problem whatsoever.
All in all, Huawei has done an amazing job at making this is a fantastic phone not only because of the features it contains but it definitely is value for money. With it, not only do you feel like a Photographer shooting professional shots but ultimately you are creating art. As light and slim as it may be, it is a dynamite of a phone which will blow the minds of many.



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