Fourteen of South Africa’s established and emerging fashion designers are exhibiting their collections at Pure London, the United Kingdom’s most anticipated fashion trade show. Pure London is at the forefront of capturing the surge of current street trends in the fashion industry. The event aims to celebrate the work of international designers worldwide.


The Department of Trade and Investment in collaboration with the KwaZulu-Natal Fashion Council (KZNFC) and the South African Footwear Leather Association have facilitated with travel, accommodation and ground travel of 14 South African fashion designers to participate in Pure London at Olypmia in Kensington, in London from Jujuly 19 -24, 2018.
The mandate of the KZNFC is to support and uplift the design and fashion sector of KwaZulu-Natal to ensure that the number of designers that receive support from the Council grows each year. Strategic programmes are delivered for emerging and established designers with a focus on previously disadvantaged individuals.
Chairperson of the board Dr.Joy Ndlovu says Pure London is a major strategic output that is a catalyst, a beacon and wake up call to galvanise those who are truly committed to genuine development of the industry. It goes a significant way towards cementing our position as the fashion hub that we envisage and plan to achieve. We know what talent resides here in KZN and our mandate is to nurture and see it thrive. Pure London is imperative for our economy.”
The KZNFC partnered with the South African Footwear and Leather Export Council on their international trade show missions in order to open up more designers to international opportunities and expand the amount of trade shows per year.
Find below the names of the 15 designers who are in London, flying South Africa’s flag high and showing their masterpieces to international fashion audiences.
According to Managing Director, Nisha Thavar is excited. “I am thrilled that we are sending KZNFC designers to London this is exciting event that is not only the first of its kind but one that is quite ambitious in terms of its positioning. We look forward to a very
interactive experience that will make history and set a new agenda for the industry.”

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