By: Tasneem Amos


Meet Sheldon and Zenobia Francis. A couple who has dedicated their union and time  to giving back to the youth of many communities, in various ways. Some of which include feeding schemes, youth facilitation, coaching, mentoring,  and many more.

Sheldon Francis: Once a homeless kid who was abandoned by his parents; now the founder of an amazing  organization called Children Have A Dream – CHAD

Sheldon is well known in various communities and even amongst the social media circles. He is known for many things; mainly the motivational talks he hosts around various schools, the poetry he publishes and various other community projects. He was also crowned the best Youth Facilitator in the country last year.

When asked about the inspiration behind the projects and also about where it all began, Sheldon responded “ I was born into this”.

Having being abandoned, raised in a children’s home and later homeless, he says that the only way he could get over the anger and bitterness was to deal with it. “By dealing with it, I started to help all who were in need and every-time I see a smile after I help children, it makes me happy and that’s the feeling I’ve been longing for all these years”, he says.

Zenobia on the other hand, had a different upbringing compared to Sheldon, but faced her own adversities. Zenobia always had a passion of helping others and giving back. She is a training facilitator, mentor and life coach by profession. Zenobia would coach and mentor young adults between ages 18-35. However, she says that this wasn’t enough: “I felt like I could do more, I was then referred to Team CHAD on Facebook, by a friend, this was the beginning of my journey with youth and community work”. It is through this that Zenobia met Sheldon who is now her life partner.

Zenobia councils young girls who were raised without a father, in attempt to restore hope and alleviate the wrong and bad choices that often follow in such cases. “A lot of youth have lost their dreams or don’t dream, we’re here to rekindle that passion and to fuel their dreams” she says.

This power couple guides and grooms the youth and encourages them to give back to the less fortunate.

Zenobia sees Team CHAD as a God-given vision to her husband ( Sheldon) and says that when she met him, it was very easy for her to fall into place and says: “ his vision is now my vision, his dream became my dream. Team CHAD is my passion and is now my life. In order to live, you have to have passion.”

To read more about Team CHAD , or to read some testimonies from kids that Team CHAD has helped, please check out their face book page: children have a dream – CHAD

We wish Sheldon, Zenobia and Team CHAD everything of the best with their future endeavors.

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