We love inspiring people to run their own businesses, but there are some simple mistakes that people make that mean that they will struggle to succeed. One of the most important things is thinking of your customers, who they are and what they need, in order to grow your business and make it a success. Here are 5 things that online shoppers are looking for in e-commerce sites to make sure your site is ticking their boxes.

Speedy shopping

We are a society that likes things immediately, so if your site is slow, chances are your potential customers are going to click off and go onto another site and make a sale there instead. Your website needs to load quickly and fully to allow your customers to browse all your amazing deals. So, if there is something stopping your site from loading speedily, that’s something you need to sort out!

Shopping on the go

Around 15% of all internet traffic is attributed to mobile devices, so it’s incredibly important that your e-commerce site is mobile friendly. We’ve all been on a website and not been able to navigate it properly, because it hasn’t been enhanced to work well on your phone or tablet, and it has left you feeling frustrated. Test your website out on a variety of different devices to make sure that it is just as easy for customers to make purchases on their laptop, their phone or their tablet.

Make it easy

The main draw of shopping online is that it is easier than leaving the house, battling through crowds and searching in several stores to find what you want. However, if your e-commerce site isn’t easy to navigate, it is going to be ignored. Make sure your website is clear and simple, and that customers are able to navigate their way around to find what they are looking for. They need to be able to complete a transaction quickly, with as little fuss as possible, so make sure you test your processes out to see how they work.



Give something back

Let’s be honest, we all love a good deal! Whether that’s free shipping, a percentage-off sale or some other sort of offer, people are more likely to buy things from you if they feel that they are making a saving or getting a special deal. In fact, quite often, people will buy something that they didn’t want just because it is on sale – we have all done it! Make sure you really promote your offers so that they are the first things that your customers see. Make it a pop-up, or an eye-catching banner advert that they can’t ignore.

Secure payments

Some people are a little wary of making payments online, so it’s important to ensure that your customers know that their details are safe. Using a service such as PayPal offers protection to both the buyer and seller and is a well-known system so your customers will trust it. Offering several different options (all secure and protected) will make your products more accessible too!

As you can see, the things online shoppers look for in e-commerce sites are pretty simple but very important and easy to get wrong! If you make sure you are ticking all of these boxes, you should see some very happy customers.

Let us know in the comments if you can think of any other things that customers might be looking for.

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