By: Zama Khumalo

Hailing from Ofafa a small town in Ixopo, Nandi Nene is a young author determined to change the writing world. At only 16 years of age, she has released her first book titled “Wrongfully wedded” and is alerting everyone about her personal struggles and what we can expect from her.

“Growing up being a home based girl who only went out with her parents or to school, I didn’t find much interest in doing any kind of Hobbies. I believe if writing is a hobby, I’d undoubtedly consider it as THE favourite” Nandi explains. Being in a strict family household and being fond of her own privacy, basically being in her own world made her turn to writing and gave her the freedom to be as expressive as she chose fit.
Being a 16 year old lady, in this world is quite perplexing because there are all types of challenges that life can throw at you and you have to remain strong through all of the difficulties. The motivation for Nandi was just simply that she wanted to face her emotions head on,

“My Pain! My emotions honestly controlled me, they led me into being an author. Mostly it has to be the challenges our families go through. Daily life of which we can’t run away from. All we have to do is just face the challenges”. Certainly a sentiment we can agree on and have experienced from time to time.
Local authors such as Dudu Busani-Dube and Sanele Gumede and her Mentor Zuzeka Nomvalo, gave her the inspiration to continue writing this book.
The beautiful thing about creating any form of art is how people receive it, more especially if they love what you are doing. “The feedback is crazy! It actually feels very good that everyone that has read my book actually relate to it. As much as it is filled with so many emotions and heartbreaks, it still does it’s job of making people realize their worth. They think it is awesome and very life transforming”.
Adding on to what her family thought about her book, she continues to say, “Well at first they were shocked especially my Dad. He felt like it was just more of a stage I’d overcome and he honestly didn’t think I was that serious until I actually launched the book. My family is very proud, which is just the beginning of everything”.
Taking a year and few months to produce the book, she wants all readers to take this important lesson from the book.
“I would love people to look within themselves. To know who they really are and also learn how to deal with things, things that happen daily. To understand that nobody will ever define who they are and what they are destined to be because we only have one life to live.
“Also understand that as a human being you should always have plan A to plan Z, not everything will work out just how we want them to. We just need to accept every negative thing that comes our way and make the positive out of it”.
Her advice to aspiring authors would be “Before we get any deeper, I’d like you guys to understand your purpose and also understand your feelings. Make sure you do let your feelings take charge of you because avoiding the way you feel hurts you”.

For the future, she sees herself as being a successful Author with her own show. Also being a Life Coach because her passion is seeing people succeed in everything that they do.
A headstrong and confident lady who knows the direction she is heading, we are excited about what the future has in store for Nandi Nene.

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