By: Zama Khumalo

In life, it is essential to have a relationship with someone who will understand your vision and goals in order to create a lasting legacy. Sphe Ngwenya and Lebogang Naves, better known as “ DJ Sphe and Naves – Kings of the Weekend” are the embodiment of what it means to have a solid comradeship to take over any industry one step at a time.

Before the two had created their phenomenal partnership, Naves was the producer to TBo Touch’s Hip Hop show “Rhyme and Reason” and Sphe was working for a radio station right next door to him. They had been together at various events which occasionally happened over the weekend but weren’t as close, it was only in 2010 where Sphe had been given a golden opportunity to host a show but he needed the assistance of someone who would be able to handle the technical part of it and Naves was the perfect person to do it, since then they have never looked back.

From the listener’s point of view, transitioning from Metro FM to Gagasi FM which is predominately Zulu speaking may seem like a hard task but in actuality it was not. “We wanted more radio time, we wanted to express ourselves and share the gift that we have. Also, the way we speak indicates that we would have no problem being on a predominately Zulu speaking radio station” says Sphe.

The secret to their brotherhood that has lasted them for so many years is nothing but having mutual respect for one another and knowing what the same goal is, “We cannot tell you the number of times people have whispered in our ears individually telling us things to put us against one another. They always say “You know you can do this alone” and we always tell them that “Who says I want to do this alone?” says Sphe. Indeed such powerful sentiments that many could learn from because in whatever industry you are in, you always need a shoulder to lean on through your triumphs and your trials.

At the peak of their careers, the duo felt the need to have ownership of something. That something was a club. “It was a dream that came true” Naves mentions about their club called “Icon Soweto” From seeing how clubs operate and the vibe it brings over the years, the duo sought to being a part of that lifestyle.

When looking ahead they seem to have already figured out their plans. Sphe says “Having a family. I see myself being in a stable relationship with two kids, ultimately you climb up the ladder and realise that money is not the end goal. Time is everything because you can never get it back”

Naves mentions that “For me, I definitely want to be in space where I can do whatever with my time. I would love to go into farming, which highly interests me. I also have ambitions of owning my own boutique hotel”

The helpful advice to the youth for them to have a prospering career just like theirs is pretty simple “Educate yourself about what you want to do. If you want to become a DJ learn the art behind it, if you want to become a Producer learn the science behind it. Learn as much as you can to empower yourself”. Sphe emphasises.

Naves says “I once had someone approach me and he wanted me to make him become a famous DJ, yet I do not know him from a bar of soap. The one thing that the youth need to realise is that they must strip away this sense of entitlement, things will not come to you on a silver platter you need to work for whatever you want”

If anything, this duo has proved that even the most basic principle lays down the foundation to a loving and respectful bond, which ultimately leads to nothing but greatness.

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