By: Pamela Mkhize

Just like every other mom wants nothing but the best for their child, as a first-time mother to a beautiful princess I vowed that I will give my daughter nothing but the best. This means making sure she has a secure future, eats right and uses the best products  that are good for her well-being and has the best life that I didn’t have are some of my duties as a mom.

Choosing the best bottle for her might sound like the easiest job because there are so many brands out there, I know breastfeeding is the best but 6 months later, it’s not her favourite thing in the world and mommy doesn’t have enough milk to fill a single bottle when breast pumping.


The new NUK Nature Sense range of bottles is the best thing ever, after breastfeeding of course. My daughter is on formula and she bonded with her cute little pink bottle from the word go with its multiple openings for milk to flow like the breast, the flow is natural with the Nature Sense range.

According to NUK, The main objective for the Nature Sense is to make bottle feeding as close to Mother Nature as possible, “we therefore, developed the new NUK Nature Sense with its several tiny openings. These are modelled on the milk ducts of a mother’s breast and make it a bottle that lets babies enjoy an all-round familiar feeling when drinking and, above all, a natural flow.”

What I found really interesting about this range is that it comes with different teats for different liquids be it breast milk, formula or other thick liquids , it also allows you to change teats as your baby grows.

Once we introduced her to the bottle we had to get soothers to go with them to ensure that we have  a peaceful, good night’s sleep (which doesn’t exist in our world, we have a very bouncy baby who enjoys playing even during the oddest hours of the morning).

I have been told a couple of times that I am a perfectionist, a soother is just a soother but after some thorough research I fell in love with NUK’S soothers as well.

“Sucking not only ensures the intake of food, it also promotes the development of the most varied of abilities. For this, the tongue has to have enough space for free sucking movements. This is the only way to exercise every muscle that babies need for swallowing, chewing and learning to speak correctly. And it is possible with the new NUK Pacifier: being so flat, thin and narrow, it leaves the tongue enough room. And it fits optimally into the mouth, when the baby sucks it. That is confirmed by midwives, paediatricians and orthodontists,” – NUK.

In my culture, most elders don’t recommend the use of soothers because they could cause damage to baby’s teeth or fill their tummy with air or decrease the child’s appetite however, with NUK, it’s a different story because the thinner and narrower baglet neck reduces the pressure on the jaws and teeth.

These soothers come in beautiful designs and yes, we got beautiful pink ones that match our bottle.

My daughter can be fussy, she doesn’t accept anything coming to her mouth easily, I have noticed that since we recently introduced her to solids, to our surprise, with the NUK Nature Sense and new NUK soothers she wasn’t reluctant and the baglet fits perfectly in her mouth maybe that’s one of the reasons she has got used to them over such a short period of time.

Both these products are recommended by midwives, orthodontists and paediatricians.

I can confidently say my search for the best product that my daughter can grow using is over.

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