Browse Through Hundreds of Daily Deals from Tons of Retailers in South Africa If you’re a South African citizen or happen to be visiting the country as a tourist, you’ll love Broadheets SA for all the shopping savings you’ll get. The app serves as a collection of broadsheets that offer big deals and discounts from any number of South Africa’s retailers.


If you’ve always wanted a tool that would help you search for deals, special offers, gifts, cashbacks, and discounts near your location, then this is the app to get. You only need to create an account in the app to start using all of its features. From the main interface, you can immediately proceed to skim through the featured deals that each retailer currently offers. You just have to swipe left and right to do this, and a preview of the retailer and its respective offer is made available as well. From here you can opt to visit the retailer’s website or download its own app. The app makes it easy to favorite and share in social media each deal as well. It’s not hard to rain praise on the Broadsheet SA’s very responsive and advanced search function. After all, you can also opt to search for deals based on Retailers, Malls, Suburbs, and various other Categories. From Buco and Cashbuild and Autostyle to Cellucity, it’s safe to say that a lot of well-known South African retailers can be found in the app. The categories you can select are similar to just about any kind of e-commerce site or store you can visit online. Once you tap on a specific retailer, you can get a list of all the deals they are currently offering. Assuming the retailer has its dedicated app, you only have to tap the Get App button to be taken directly to its Google Play download link. As said above, you can favorite any number of retailer you like. This allows you to be informed immediately whether there are new discounts and offers being offered by your favorite retailer. Another nifty feature is the Competition button where you can view other offers by other retailers that are, more or less, related to the one that you are viewing. This practically broadens your options, and you don’t have to invest too much time in looking for them. Lastly, the app even lets you directly send messages to each retailer. The utter expansiveness of the app’s functionality is obvious, to say the least. This fact is all the more made apparent by the numerous retailers and brands in South Africa that it has. Indeed, if there is one defining aspect of the app, it is the almost innumerable deals you would effortlessly be receiving on a daily basis. For any shopaholic or deal-finder in South Africa, this is virtually a god-send.


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