By: Zama Khumalo

A female Durban Gqom DJ who is on the rise to the top, DJ Sithelo, has released a new Gqom track called “Gcobhoza” featuring Koppies and Thuli, the song will surely get you straight to the dance floor and put you in a great vibe.

The song starts off with a funky beat setting the tone of it all and then it proceeds to being up-beat creating a vibe which is evident you should be expecting a sound that will make you want to shake your body. There is a use of the whistle within the song which comes in useful because it blends in nicely with the beat of the song and it gives the song that extra punch it needed in order to produce an electrifying sound.

The part that caught my attention whilst listening to the track was the “HAIBO” adlib that kept on being mentioned within the song. Aside from the song, the one element I have noticed about Gqom music is how it makes people go wild and free, more especially once they hear the phrase “HAIBO” within a song, it literally makes them lose their mind.

The beautiful thing about music is that it can transcend to anyone, specifically the genre and an individual can have their own interpretation of it and do what they can to it. This goes for Gqom because it has made plenty of people have their own interpretation of what it is and how it should sound; this is why it is such a respected genre. There is a small amount of Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) female DJs that are within the Gqom genre and what has made me happy about this song is that DJ Sithelo is taking ownership of that as she was able to create her own masterpiece, through her own interpretation of what Gqom is all about.

Continuing on with the song, it speaks about how one should just dance along to the beat and let loose, something that is always needed when dancing to a Gqom track. The selection of the features was well chosen because they were combined in well with the beat, lyrics and different styles they had to offer within the song. It must be commended that DJ Sithelo has done well as a first timer in the Gqom genre and she should continue creating more songs within the genre because there is a future for her in it. This song should thrive in the festive season because of it’s vibrant energy and what it speaks about.
Within the track, there is an addictive phrase/saying, “Kwaze kwamnandi” translated meaning that “It is nice”, a feeling that all can agree on during the festive season because that is the time that everyone certainly wants to relax and have a great time.
In a beautiful summary, this is a catchy song that will get everyone in a great mood and create lasting memories.

Rating: 7/10

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