By: Nosipho Ntombela

Kings Cuisine in collaboration with Imvula wines hosted a Zulu inspired heritage dinner at Havana Grill restaurant at Durban’s Suncoast Casino on the 1st of September.
The “Wakanda” themed four course evening dinner setting was breath taking from the beginning to the end. Everyone who set on the table saw to it that the theme was kept alive. Not forgetting to mention the wine!
I even asked Siyabonga Mvula, (Owner of Mvula wines) where he was hiding all along, as I have never tested wine as good as theirs.

Mvula politely laughed and said, “I started my boutique wine brand in 2016, as inspiration I got from a friend of mine who loves wine. It’s not yet a big brand, as you cannot find it at wine shops, but I have hope it will be. I will also be taking part at Cape Town Wine day and I hope to get more buyers there.”
Mvula said that this is his second time in collaboration with Kings Cuisine, and I didn’t have to ask him why. Kings Cuisine’s food is beyond delicious, as IsiZulu states “Kwedla esiphundu” (smoothly goes down). Kings Cuisine is an experienced chef of which three years of his experience was obtained aboard. Lucky for him, his dishes testified to that.

For starters we were served a “Zulu inspired Canapes”, which was sweet potato (ubhatata), crisps madumbe stuffed with crème fraiche and biltong, and fish cakes with chakalaka mayonnaise.
“I decided on heritage dinner as it is the first day of the heritage month. No one has done this and I thought it would be perfect. Before this one I did Christmas in July at Umhlanga, which was also a success,” said Kings Cuisine.
For our first course meal, we were served “King Shaka’s scepticism”. Kings Cuisine says he named this dish because of King Shaka’s hesitant on eating fish, as he believed it resembled a snake.

This dish was made by the Cape salmon (caught in South Coast), isigwampa (pap mixed with imfino (wild spinach), and his mother’s favourite semi dried tomato. On the side the chef had prepared Lambs tripe (umgxabhiso).
The second course was called the “Herdsmen’s Meal”, a roasted quail (Isagwaca), pumpkin puree, mushroom (amakhowa) duxelle, and wild berry (Amajikijolo).
“This dish captures the life of a herd’s boy. Out on the fields to keep busy while cattle’s are grazing a herd boy would harvest and eat amajikijolo (wild berries), shoot birds with the sling. When he hit the birds it falls on the forest floor where there were wild mushrooms. The sage crisp resembles the leaf that gets raffled while the young boy was shooting birds, “explained Kings Cuisine.
The third course was “Imbuzi (Goat) ate my spinach”. The guests had to choose between it and Inkomo idla utshani (Cow eats grass).

“True life event when we bought a goat at home because my father deemed it necessary to slaughter for the ancestors, that goat ate my mother’s spinach and she was not happy about that and she made it known. I decided to stuff the goat leg with braised spinach to captured “my mother’s spinach inside the goat,” explained Kings Cuisine
“The grass fed beef is the “new” age thing because nutritionists are now aware of health benefits on natural grass fed animals then the ones that are fed grains (and heaven knows what else). I have served it with crispy isijingi (pap and pumpkin blend) which is set, cubed dusted in flour and deep fried, it is also accompanied with spring young vegetables and natural beef juices with a hint of red wine, added Kings Cuisine.

Believe me when I say that by the time we had finished all the well prepared dishes, we were full, but we were not going to say no to our dessert, hence we all wanted to taste “My nephews treat”. This dessert was amasi (fermented milk) ice cream, and chocolate tart made of peanuts and preline.
Thanks to Kings Cuisine and Mvula wines for inviting us to an evening of indulgence. By the end of the night I knew which wine went better with what food. I must say I am looking forward to his February 14 dinner. For bookings people can follow Kings Cuisine on Instagram and Twitter. SA Bloggers wishes Kings Cuisine and Mvula wine all the best!

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