By: Tasneem Amos


Open sky, Sing-along vibes, Great music!

Phrases that best describe what has been my best Sunday by far for 2018.

Glen21 entertainment in collaboration with 1 Magic and East Coast Radio, hosted the Soul Fest in Durban on Sunday, 02 September 2018.

The show kicked off at 18:00 with DJ Hudson resurrecting the 90’s in us all; playing sets that forced the crowd to reminisce on the good-ole days. We jammed along to tunes from the likes of Brandy, LL Cool J, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah and many more of the artists who rocked the 90’s era. This was all before and in between us waiting for our international stars to take us on a blast-from-the-past joy ride.


SWV were the first act to rock the stage. They personified a perfect balance between lady and hood as they rocked their glittered baseball shirts, all while filling the air with their beautiful harmonies. Their performance had us singing at the top of our voices, word-for-word, but we were still no match to their talent. ‘The sisters’ still have their voices indeed!

We also got to witness a live marriage proposal during their set… it was nothing short of magical and the performance set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Next, Dru Hill took to the stage and gave a very energetic performance. They performed most of their hit tracks and their choreography was blazing. The ladies went crazy throughout their performance and the gents could not help but stay glued to the ‘pied pipers’ as they took us on a journey to some of the most exciting times in our lives! Sisqo performed some of his hit tracks and unleashed the ‘90’s music dragon’ on the crowd.

The crowd was at its peak after this performance.


Dru Hill left the stage and the crowd could barely wait for TLC. They chanted the lyrics to TLC’s most popular hits and demanded them on stage. Patience was wearing thin, but in a good way.

When TLC took to the stage, the crowd went ballistic. The 90s’ girl group, evoked a wave of butterflies and nostalgia as they took us on an emotional roller coaster. Singing their chart-topping tracks from Unpretty to Red Light Special to No Scrub and rest assured, their moves were not compromised.

The turn out was less than I expected but the crowd that was there, appreciated every lyric sung and every move danced. One thing is for certain: our international stars undoubtedly felt the “031 kinda love”.


East Coast Radio’s Thandolwethu and TV presenter/ actor Sthembiso Khoza, kept the crowd entertained during the intervals. It encapsulated everything our souls needed; from singing along to our favorite 90’s tracks to reminiscing about the good club and letter-writing days.

The Soul Fest promised to take us down memory lane and, down memory lane we were taken indeed!

It was all love, light and soul!


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