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Ruby Johnson  (Owner)

I find it very hard to explain myself to people when they say tell me about yourself because honestly, what you see is what you get. I’m 24 with a Journalism and Media Diploma, no kids, no boyfriend and absolutely no care in the world about anything. I literally love everything except vegetables, pink and cleaning! I’m living my best life because life is meant to be lived right? I live by the phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’ which means ‘No worries.’ One day I hope they allow us to wear flip flops everywhere (I mean to clubs and events etc). All I want out of life is experiences and happiness.

Emma Azumah (Features Editor)

Lovingly known as “Emmy” by her friends and family, Emma is a hardworking and energetic mother who exudes a huge passion for journalism and everything that is focused on the media. Emma hails from a small town in Eastern Cape. She comes from a very diverse background, where her father lives in West Africa and her mother Kos, who taught her the importance of openness and acceptance of people from all aspects of life.