Sandy Nene (Director/Editor)

Armed with little more than a phone, a data bundle and a never-say-die attitude Sandile Nene has (through dogged perseverance) established himself as an entertainment, celebrity news and event blogger in the South African blogosphere. From humble beginnings, he has worked hard to establish a wide following and a strong social media presence across platforms.

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 Ayabonga Ngoma (Creative Director), Johannesburg.

Known to most as just Aya, I’m a closeted creative who likes to let my imagination go wild. Currently working as a Telecoms Engineer (you’d never say, right?!) and now a part-time blog enthusiast who gets to go to rad events and exercise my writing as part of WBFL. I love all things media and particularly obsessed with pop culture and HBO TV shows. As a 90’s kid, I live for all things retro, tongue-in-cheek and self-expressive. P.S. WBFL is going to be major, so stick around! 

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Matthew Robertson (Reporter), Cape Town.

On paper I’m a student of Philosophy, Chinese (language and culture), Psychology and advertising. However, my passion is people and my main goal, for my time on this earth, is to meet as many different and interesting people (and cultures) as possible. “The soul takes nothing with her to the next world but her education and her culture.” – Plato. Take me on an adventure – as long as you can promise there’ll be tea along the way!

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Beverley Dias (Contributor), Durban.


I am addicted to words, written and spoken and have probably devoured more books than chocolate cake in my lifetime. I am a vivacious, independent being with a penchant for the finer things in life (I’m still working on attaining those) and a fetish for beautiful shoes (have an overflowing closet of those). I love good food, a good party and appreciate good looking men (God is such a creative dude). I am a devoted Christian, but many people do not know this about me. Music is my first love and I believe that Beyoncé is the best thing that ever happened to the music industry. I used to have qualms about my weight until I realised that if God wanted us all the same size, He would have used the same mould to create us. My personality is as voluptuous as my body and I am outspoken, opinionated, witty and hectically funny. Apart from working as a Marketing and Communications Consultant, I am self-employed as a single mom to the most amazing 19 year old, my daughter, Toni. The travelling bug bit me some years ago and I constantly have itchy feet, soothed only by my travels. Of all the places I have visited, among them Zanzibar, London, Mauritius and Mozambique, the Zulu Kingdom is still the only place I would rather be.

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Pamela Mkhize (Contributor), Durban

25 year-old BA Media Studies Graduate from UKZN, more than 3 years experience as a journalist. Currently working as a Copywriter for a Digital Media Agency, Freelance journo and passionate about Youth and Children’s Ministry. Ummm!!! That’s me in a nutshell.

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