Whether you call it a head wrap, tuku or a turban, over the years the “doek” as it is famously known in South Africa; for years has been used as a symbol of power, fashion and religion amongst many women all over the world. The third #byMaletsatsi Meet&Greet Picnic is happening this year on the 19th of November at Zoo Lake, Johannesburg – and Maletsatsi can’t wait to meet you!

The byMaletsatsi Meet & Greet Picnic started last year as an initiative movement for fonder to get up-close-and-personal with her clients. This year, the picnic will be celebrated the day before the socially claimed National Head Wrap Day, where women from all over the world are encouraged and invited to join in the movement by wearing a head wrap on the day and share selfies of their favourite styles on social media.

byMaletsatsi celebrates women who know and fearlessly embrace who they are and show this by wearing their crowns with pride. “byMaletsatsi is a concept born from my passion for celebrating women. With this concept, I also wanted to inspire women who are still exploring and searching for themselves as I am myself. The ultimate goal here is to have my fellow sisters join me in my quest and also share their experiences with my head wrap on ofcos” says Selloane Maletsatsi Moleli, founder of the brand. The picnic will also build up to the empowerment series called #MHWQueendomSeries. “This is one my most cherished part of my blogging journey – this blog series is a collection of personal life stories of a selected few of my clients (and myself), in aims to support, connect and create a virtual safe space for us women to talk about our flaws and all”, says Moleli. 

If you are all about socialising, meeting and mingling with women alike then save the date! RSVP on the Facebook event page, pack a picnic basket, camp chairs, blanket and come through – but you’ll have to rock your head wrap to sit with this squad though (fellas, this goes for you too).

Connect with byMaletsatsi:
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Twitter: @kennamaletsatsi
Instagram: @bymaletsatsi

Email: events@bymaletsatsi.co.za

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